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Why Nerds and Techology go hand-in-hand

By I have been involved in the sale of electronic equipment and appliances for several years and a committed fan of all types of movies, something amusing that I have observed and have experienced while watching films is a possible explanation of who Nerds are, they are in my view, a certain substitute for the word 'Technology'. You can describe a Nerd in as many ways as possible, But one concept that you can repeatedly use to replace a Nerd Is the word "technology". A nerd might show interest in many things but It is clear that they are in love with technology and consequently always the first to accept and embrace every new advance in technology. Generally, people have developed different attitudes to technology as a concept, some people love it, some do hate it while some are afraid of it.

Our love for technology is clearly expressed when newly acquired, we love the new car, the beauty of a new cellphone and camera and the satisfaction of operating a new tablet or computer, but once they fail to measure up to our expectations, our love turns to anger. This device can then actually becomes receivers of our frustrations when our emotions get the better of us. There is also this lingering fear we feel when we might have to live without technology.

As an ardent film fan for several years,I have observed a common theme, even for films that were produced when technology was not very advanced, people have always expressed a certain fear and uncertainty towards technology. In the 1927 film; Metropolis, it was a female robot that wreaked a lot of havoc in the City. In the 1963 film; Charlie Chaplin a worker in the factory suffered froma job related nervous breakdown.

I also observed in more recent films like Terminator Series, Transformer Series and the film; I Robot amongst others that technology has been perceived as a threat which is always pitching itself against human beings and attempts to destroy the society. However, in this films we see technology coming to the aid of humans several times. In the Terminator, John Conner was rescued by technology several times even as the same technology was on a mission to destroy him.